Home Invasion

I see him….
He is drawn to the light emerging from my front windows
The beacon light
in the darkness

I see him…
Gazing ….
admiring the paint layered across my majestic exterior ….
He knows that there are riches within

I see him…
How his eyes glaze as he is consumed with desire……
I watch
as he prepares his heist……

I turn off the lights within my home…..
and pray for daylight

He peers in the windows
to see if I’m home….
waits to see signs of life within my walls…
for the echos of laughter
down my halls..

Content that he is alone…..
He begins his frenzied
I watch…..
as the blood rushes to his head

his face almost purple with anticipation….

First he bangs against my front door….
unsuccessful in his attempts…
splintering the wood and breaking the handle in his haste……

Frustrated he races to the back door…… a battering ram against my limited defenses….’.pummeling the door and walls

he does immeasurable damage to my framework
I hear it
creaking and moaning
as at strains against his blows…….

He returns to the front…..
His anger at its climax
In a final gesture of desperation he destroys my final defense….

bashing in my windows with two quick blows….
He enters quickly and rushes through my walls
Destroying everything within his path….
I watch…..as he pilfers that which is not his
my pearls……my rubies….my everything
He dirties them with his unclean hands..
He does not stop to admire their beauty
Instead he takes them… viciously breaking them in the process….

He is Hungry for more
I watch him
With horror….with fear..

Unable to watch a moment longer…….
I retreat to my attic…my safe place….
I hunker down and I pray
…for help
….for daylight
…..for revenge

( never again can I proudly welcome visitors into this home….
the damage is too great)


Pantora’s Box

Here is the box…..

open it

and the wonders of its world are yours to admire

to explore

to conquer ..

Here is my heart/ my soul……

The centerpiece of my very existence

I have no other to give…..

It’s a little scuffed…. I broke it a couple times so all the parts may not function normally…

.but I glued it back together

So its good as new….kinda

…..just be gentle with it

Here is my mind…..

It’s a little deeper than most…so few come to visit often….

It can be a little scary at times…especially when it gets dark…..

but its waves are cool and ever refreshing

……just don’t pollute it it

Here is my body……

Its a little wider than normal ones… and the tar was lain a little too thick

there are curves and bends in awkward places

but the ride is smooth and fast/ its little worn so its sure to last

….just don’t neglect it

Here is…me…

Here are the pieces …the sum of all my parts

Assemble each piece properly

Tend to each piece equally….

and I am yours to have… to enjoy


and you deny yourself the beauty of the whole picture

you offset the structure of my being

and must instead admire the wonderment that is my wrath,,,,,

Be Ware ….

Stronger Men than you have opened this box


fallen to its perils

My Wall

For years
Ive been working
On my
“Great Wall”




Hiding my soul behind my
“Great Wall”
Creating a barricade
Those who dare
come too close


Here you come
Walking bravely
up to my
“Great Wall”
You camly deflect all


you begin to tear it down

Leaving me
Naked and defenseless
Cold and Afraid……
You pick up my defeated body
After years of
And hold me
Suddenly I am warmer



You tore down my defenses
gave me


I sit and think about you
And how beautiful you are……..
I am enamored with you
Your ethnic beauty
with what I have been taught
your dark chocolate skin
tantalizes me
I hunger for you
Your mind intrigues me
I want to lose MY Self
in YOUR Thoughts

your dark eyes
they glow like coal
as I look at you
they melt my soul

A Thin Line

I love you
So very very much
Want to hold you
Caress you
Memorize your body with my hands 
Stare at you for hours on end


I hate you
So much, so strong, so pulsing hot
Want to shriek at you
Scratch your eyes out 
Pummel your body with my fists
Glare at you with eyes like daggers

Until I remember ….
How much I love you

……. Such a thin line


If I were a flower…

Would You pick me?

a deep black rose

entangled with thorns

wilting slowly

Would you take me home

replant me, water me

tend to me with your caring , loving hands?


Would you pick

some sweet yellow daffodil

entranced by its light and bright beauty

Do you even like roses?

or would you be happier settling for

a more abundant breed

so uniform, so easily forgettable

so… replaceable

(they grow in clusters you know)

never to notice

the dark and rare beauty of a






“My heart dances when I’m with you. Electricity sparked when you touched me. An incredible energy was born inside me…… and when I connected with you….I thought I had become human. Humans die don’t they?….and since I began loving you….I feel as if the ruin inside me has stopped. ….” ___ Wrench (Casshern Sins)

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Love Cancer

Love hurts
Like cancer /aids
My terminal illness
Causing my body to slowly shut down
I am in turmoil as my body begins to fight itself
My brains at war with my heart
My eyes at war with my brain
My tongue no longer works properly
Instead of the long angry words I wanted to throw at him
All I could say was .. ….why?
My feet no longer work
instead of walking away from him
I found myself stuck to the floor unable to move
My eyes don’t work either,
I struggle to look him in the eye instead they fall to the ground and spill over with tears.
My body slowly deteriorates….

His lies……….. my chemotherapy
Easing my pain.. giving me hope
But in the end leaving me worse off than before..

So until they find a cure..
I’m dying….. of love..


Do you Badu

do you flow

like I do

Is your rhythm fly

are your words sweet

Can you speak your soul

over a hot beat?

Do they snap their fingers

and close their eyes

as you mesmerize them

with your songs reprise?

Do they bob their heads

or swing their hips

are your words a spell

they cant resist?

Do you feed their minds

and soothe their pain

are you in it for love

and not just for the fame?

Oh is it


do You



I do?