Survival Of The Fittest

In today’s society, the  fittest is the most mentally ruthless…..the most conniving…. That’s the only thing they ever had over us….. we were stronger, but they were crueler. They come from a barren wasteland of famine and war and WE from a rich country of family, culture, and togetherness. You see they could not win in our world…their lack of melanin and weak muscles prevented it. So they created a new world…one in which they did not have to face the sun to provide for their sickly families……… A world in which their cruelty would allow them to dominate the stronger races. A world in which they could hide behind the safety of their desks and devise methods to obliterate whole societies….. …They destroyed us….they stole us from our homes and treated us as animals… forced us to do the labor they were to weak for……They brainwashed us with their religion and their stand alone mentality…. WE used to stand as one…now WE seperate ourselves….They waged a war on us…they poisoned us with their drugs and fake diseases and genetically altered foods…..But the worst that they did to us was the brainwashing…they tricked us into believing they were superior… they kept us illiterate…they ripped our history and culture from us and made us believe that theirs was better … more “civilized”… They hid knowledge from  us out of fear that WE would learn the truth…that WE are infinitely better in every way. They distract us with their pop culture their media and their celebrities because they understand that when WE awaken…….. all is lost for them. They know that when WE all begin to fight as one the war will be over and they will once again be where they belong……When their buildings fall and their societies crumble WE will see them for who they are and WE will vanquish them……… #Revolution

By burstsofinspiration Posted in Venting

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