Columbus Day

” in eighteen hundred ninety two /Columbus sailed the ocean blue”

I awoke this morning with this old mnemonic device echoing through the empty fifth grade classroom located deep within the dark recesses of my subconscious. This, along with countless other little poems and short skits attest to the brainwashing that young Americans begin from an extremely young age. We are spoon fed watered down bits of history . Being offered only those morsels which the government deems palatable. It took me years of reading to finally gain the comprehension necessary to wade through the useless bits of information and conflicting messages. Finally I realized what I was being taught. Not the history of America, the land of the free but the History of the white american man.

Today is a national holiday still recognized by most public schools that celebrates Christopher Coulumbus. A man who made a living out of “discovering” new untouched worlds’ ( well you know except for those pesky little savages who wouldn’t leave) How is it that in such a liberal society. Such a ethnically friendly america. HOW is it that we are still asked to celebrate the theft of a country from its original owners?? The fact that we are still teaching these lies to our children is sadly comical. America has bartered with the Native american community and won _ again. Casinos that strip them of culture and dusty reservations that strip them of education…all  in exchange for the chance to rewrite history without protest. So that the history books given our children still sing the praises of man who brought the gift of civilization to an already civilized people. .

History will always be written by the conquerors, the winners of the war… and as of late, the white american male is still #winning.

By burstsofinspiration Posted in Venting

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